Cupcakes Using Mugs

Did you know that you can bake a cupcakes or cakes using a coffee mugs? I promise this is more fun way to serve gorgeous cakes that your kids will love. Aside from cake ingredients you only need a coffee mug and an oven to produce a lovely little cakes on a mug.

I just follow the same procedure and recipe in baking a cake. The only difference is I use a coffee mug instead of a cake pan. The downside is my oven can not accommodate more than five coffee mug. So I just oven bake it with two settings. But if you have enough or bigger oven you can bake more with just one settings.

The finished product was perfect. Sometimes I let my kids sprinkle or topped the cakes with their favorite chocolates, marshmallows, fruits or nuts. Sometimes they want it serve with icing too. The kids enjoy their time in decorating their cakes because it is just enough for them to design their own cakes.

It is very convenient to serve cakes like this on coffee mugs when my kids friends or my friends come to visit us. They were amazed how creatively I produced a lovely cakes on a mug. And share them my simple formula a mug plus my cake recipe plus oven equals a cake on a mug.

I already tried chocolate chips cakes, peanut butter cakes, cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, brownies and banana cakes. But the most requested mug cakes is chocolate chips cake for kids. For my friends they like cheesecake or brownies better. I am planning to try cookies in a mug soon as I got a new oven, more bigger for more delicious snacks.

Piece of thought: Kids grow faster, embrace the chance of having them by your side. When they grow older and busy with their studies or work they will have less time to hangout with you. A simple bonding like baking a cake means a lot to both parents and children.

Is A Cordless Vacuum For You?

What do you look for in a cordless vacuum review? Well, there’s actually plenty of things you could look at, everyone has their own standards. Heavy vs light, inexpensive vs expensive, bag vs bagless, and so on.

First of all, you should know your cleaning needs. Cordless vacuums are not as powerful as corded vacuums. This means if you have a pet, who’s known to get particularly dirty at times, or children, who are pretty much always dirty, a cordless vacuum might not be for you.

The other thing with cordless vacuums is, they have limited battery life. If you live in a big house, you might not have enough battery life to fully vacuum all the floors in one go. Charging batteries can typically take hours and pretty much stall all your cleaning efforts, making cordless vacuums a poor choice in large environments.

The versatility of some cordless vacuums are also lacking. Not every cordless comes with different head attachments. Without the additional attachments, it makes the vacuum only useful for floors. The cordless vacuums that do offer attachments can cost a lot more. You can also be left in a bit of a conundrum, clean your floor or your couch, before having to recharge the cordless.

My biggest problem with cordless vacuums is, durability. Yes, some come with a warranty, but it’s typically a factory warranty, for factory defects, not for when you accidentally break it by slamming the door on it.

The plus side of cordless vacuums are, they’re all pretty light, most weigh under 10 pounds. Most of them are rail thin, except for the cleaning head and have retractable or collapsible handles, making them very easy to store. To me, that’s not nearly enough perks.

Don’t trust all cordless vacuum review you read. I honestly don’t like the idea of cordless vacuums right now, the technology just isn’t there yet. Especially, when you consider the price for some of the cordless vacuums, it’s way too much for what you’re actually getting. 2 hours to charge for 20 minutes of cleaning? That’s just not practical in any sense to me. Most modern homes, are about having open concept floor plans, this should make using a corded vacuum less of a hassle. When I clean, I want to know, for a fact, that I’ve cleaned.

If you’re an absolute neat freak, then having a cordless for a quick clean before company comes over is nice. Having two vacuums seems a bit excessive though, maybe having a smaller handheld cordless, is the better approach to go along with a corded vacuum. The corded for the floors, the cordless for the couches and quick spot cleans. So if you do have to get one, the best cordless vacuum available so far is the Hoover Link, at least it comes with 5 years warranty.

Three Important Tips on How to Get the Best Bread Maker

I love making bread in my bread maker. Bread tastes better when I make it myself, and my bread machine makes it so easy that I never buy bread at the store anymore. I save a lot of money on bread by making my own, too. The ingredients to make even exotic breads are some of the cheapest staples you can buy, and if you make a lot of bread like I do, the prices go down even further. I’m currently buying flour in fifty-pound bags for around fifty cents a pound, and a loaf of bread only needs about a pound of flour to make. Compare that to the cost of a loaf in the supermarket, and you’ll probably immediately start looking for bread machine comparison.

Bread makers have gotten a lot more sophisticated in the last ten years or so, and they have a lot of timing functions and other controls that have a bit of a learning curve. It’s easy to get bogged down in all the details of the operation of each particular unit, but here are three of the most important things that I suggest you look for when reading a bread maker review.

Power is the number one thing to look for in a bread machine. When I first started making my own bread, I used white flour and made simple breads, and my machine handled them with ease. After I became comfortable with the machine, I began to experiment with heavier loaves like whole grain and pumpernickel, and the bread machine’s heating element couldn’t handle the heavier dough. I had to give my machine away and buy another, larger model. If you’re comparing bread maker review stats, and all other things are equal, the bread machine with the most power is the one you want.

the best panasonic bread machine

The quality of your bread machine is important. Bread makers are subjected to the same kinds of stresses that ovens are when they heat up and cool down over and over. Always check the reviews from owners to see how well any particular machine holds up. Manufacturers that offer a long warranty are another way to tell if the machine is likely to hold up well with repeated use.

The shape of the bread pan and the materials it’s made from will affect your enjoyment of the bread that comes out of the machine. If you’re making loaves for sandwich bread, you’ll want to make sure that the machine doesn’t have an oddly shaped or shallow pan. If you like your bread to have a nicely browned crust, choose models with a thick, cast aluminum pan instead of a thin, stamped pan covered with non-stick coating.

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Homemade Puree For Your Kids

Who says homemade baby foods are tricky and hard to do? Not at all, its even more fun and fulfilling as a mother who wants the best for their kids. With the latest in technology everything has made accessible and easy. Enjoy the chance to provide homemade baby foods with the help of an immersion blender or hand blender.

If only we have enough budget to buy a good food processor or an immersion blender when my eldest son was still an infant, I would rather have it without a doubt. Now with our daughter we tried everything that is beneficial to both of us. I started using a hand blender when I introduced solid foods to my daughter when she was still a 6 months old as advised by her pediatrician. I’ve decided Cuisinart one, which is considered one of the top immersion blender for baby food because of it’s speed settings.

Honestly for the first few weeks it was tricky. I have to carefully list down foods following the dos and don’ts. Because there’s an exact foods that is advisable to feed up level by level. Which means foods that is only chewable and non allergenic. Little by little as the baby grows older I started to feed her finger foods instead of a puree or juices. But as I regularly prepare my daughters food I discover so many tricks that is addicting.

Foods that I regularly have in my freezer are pumpkin, carrots, tomato, potato and spinach. Occasionally I add some green peas, chickpeas, blueberries and strawberries. I just steam the vegetable and made it to a puree and separate it using an ice cube maker then sealed with a ziplock. I estimated it to last for almost two weeks as I wanted to have it fresh all the time. I defrost the puree cubes an hour or so prior to feeding, to save time and energy from steaming or microwaves. Sometimes I combine two kinds of puree and add a pinch of salt to taste.

When my baby turns 9 months I started to add meats and fish. I just have it hard boiled and taking away extra fats. I blend it and again separate using an ice cube maker. I mix both the blended meat and vegetables during feeding. In this way I can mix and match different kinds of menu: such as spinach and meat, carrots and meats or pumpkin, spinach and meat. Fresh fruits like orange, banana, apple and grapes are always lying on the table so I just squeeze or mashed it if I want to feed my baby.

Not just easy but I am confident that I feed my baby with all the foods that she needs. And these foods are those foods that she’s going to eat all the time. It is much easier for her to get immune with the taste to lessen likes and dislikes. Moreover, feeding my baby with my homemade baby foods gives us the assurance of feeding her a fresh and vitamin rich foods. Because fruits and vegetables puréed with a blender saves all the nutrients with or without the skin.

Until now I still use a blender for sauce, kids soups, and fruit shakes. Creatively combine two to three kinds of fruits and vegetables that will comes out colorful and mouth watering. The good thing is the kids like my way of serving them a homemade cuisine that keeps them asking for more.

For the complete comparison of the various blenders for your day to day cooking go to

How To Effectively Clean Your Toaster Oven

A toaster oven provides such a great in-between appliance option. It’s right between a big heavy oven and a microwave. Granted, there are some things that you can only get from a toaster oven like the crispy texture of mozzarella sticks, or poppers.

Not only can you toast a perfect piece of toast on your toaster oven, but you can also step it up a notch and make grilled cheese! No need to heat up a pan, no need to wait for the butter to melt. Nope. Just pop that thing into the toaster oven, and you’re done. I just about guarantee you that none of the microwave oven reviews say that you can make a grilled cheese in them. No chance.

The time does come as with all appliances that you have to take one for the team and to clean one. If you do not clean your toaster, you can and will experience flavor different in your food, the chance of ants and other pests, and of course the chance of fire!

Cleaning your toaster oven is even easier if you thought ahead and placed a piece of aluminum foil around the bottom opening to prevent spillages. This is a really good idea to do once you’re done cleaning. This is particularly good from preventing crumbs to come out. Have you ever noticed when you’re going to move your oven and you are overwhelmed with the amount of crumbs that are now on your counter or floor?

Solve this problem easily by just lining the bottom with a piece of tin foil.

But even then, you will probably have to take your toaster oven (UNPLUGGED) over to the sink in order to empty out all of the places where crumbs fall. Burning crumbs can severely affect the taste of your food and it can also cause a fire. Make sure you remove the dropping tray(s), sides, and even turn your toaster oven on its side to enable the crumbs to slide out. You’ll be truly amazed about the amount of crumbs that make their way out.

One thing of note: It is okay to dust off your toaster oven, but don’t put chemicals inside. What many don’t know is that these chemicals are very flammable and could end up causing more than what you were ready for.

So, an overall rule of thumb: Before you throw that old appliance away, you don’t have to. Just safely clean your appliances and electronics and they’ll be working as well as need for years and years to come.

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My Burberry Collection

Burberry makes some of the industry’s best watches, for both men and women. Women’s watches are frequently some of the nicest pieces of art you see on the streets on a day to day basis, so they’re just as fun to look at and learn about as they are to buy. Here, we’ll look at the best selling Burberry women’s watches on the market. You’re sure to enjoy the process of shopping, and when you get your brand new Burberry watch in the mail, you’ll understand what the hype is about. For a complete guide for all the latest model of Burberry watches check out the website.


The BU1577 is a classy watch with a rectangular timepiece, checked plaid strap, and gorgeous silver hands and hour markers. The BU1577 is a favorite sidekick for businesswomen, as it complements formal and semi-formal wear common in the office or in professional applications, and its rectangular shape is definitely a striking break from the norm. As far as Burberry women’s watches come, this is one of the best.


The BU1098 is a silver watch with a sophisticated silver strap that features a complex, laser-cut engraving on each link. The BU1098 is water resistant, and features silver Roman numeral hour marks at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 points. The strap is of standard length, but no buyers complained about it being too small or too large for them. All in all, the BU1098 is a classy all-purpose watch that matches most personalities and acts as a great adjunct to just about any outfit you can wear, whether within the office or without.


The BU1574 is a flashy gold watch that features a rectangular timekeeping area, white faceplate, and gold link strap. The BU1574 is definitely a standout amongst Burberry women’s watches, a fact guaranteed by its rectangular shape and opulent gold coloring. The watch is water resistant, highly durable, and very functional, making it a favorite amongst those who expect their watches to do a lot and frequently wear lighter colors. The BU1574 is a great mix of quality and fashion.


The BU1870 is a unique watch in terms of fashion. It’s a ceramic white piece that brings to mind one thing: Sterility. In the context of the BU1870, that’s not a bad thing, though – in fact, the BU1870 is only sterile in the sense that it’s one of a kind and untainted by any unnecessary glitz. It’s all white, save for silver hour markers and hands, making it a “quiet” Burberry women’s watch that belongs on the wrist of anyone with a colorful wardrobe.


The BU1353 is a popular silver Burberry women’s watch. It features a silver rim and silver strap, as well as a silver toned faceplate. It’s a subtle yet standard watch with a round timekeeping area, making it a more “traditional” piece than the above. Still, it’s popular because it’s elegant, durable, and high quality. When it comes to Burberry women’s watches, the BU1353 is a top choice, and for good reason.